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Photosss of my Life 2012 ! :D

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Alright. Just see the photos enough lol.

Waiting for bus :D

The ladies :)

The Gentleman :)

Genting trip with classmate <3

Formal Wear for Presentation of English for Buniness.

Birthday Celebration for Zii Ying @Overtime :)

A Birthday Suprise for her - Penny <3

Another Suprise for her - Jeat Yin ( Xiu Mui Mui ) :D


游子情!Cute ? :D

Picture with them <3

Yeah !

Oh yeah ! Fly So High High ! :D

Picture after make up with her - Chu Hui :D

演员亮相 with my group :D

Interview Session :D

Standby in the function room.


Make up-ing for all the actors and dancers.

2012 拉曼学院中文大型舞台剧 《游子情》圆满结束!

Seats for audience and VIP.

Business Team of CNY Night 2012

My actor Poster :)

Opening Ceremony.

The Starting of our show :D

Our dancers ! <3

Chok Face.

The END !

My Group photo. Love them loads <3

Oh Yeaaahh ! Finally ! Miss the moment :)

All the Committees :)

Commitee + Actors + Dancers + Drama Teachers

The last Briefing.

She is a rude girl ! :P

Thanks for support guys :)


Oh yeah. Jason and Khui :)

Long time never see them dy. Thanks for coming ! <3

Finally Comes to the end.
Appreciate and love all of them so much ! :D
Lazy to write so much. Thanks for visit my bloggie ! See ya :D

Take care. Wish me lucks for the final exam on next monday.

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